First of the Lockdown Pictures completed

Lockdown 1
Lockdown 1, the first of two paintings featuring the pattern of walks completed during Covid-19 restrictions, is back from the framers.
The painting, on board, was based on the walks I made during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, most of which were centred on my home: I am lucky to live on the edge of the Ashdown Forest in Sussex. The walks were traced out using Sennelier Abstract Paint on to board. Items found on the walks were attached and acrylic Ink in Ink pouring fluid was used to create a colourful backdrop. Found items include a face mask, car emblems, a key, a Manchester United pen, a child's toy, electronic leads, a golf ball, a short rope and a mobile telephone case. Mostly they were working lost items. Not included were an American Express Card (destroyed at their request) , a pair of child's knickers and items too heavy to attach. The second painting, in acrylic on canvas, is in progress and will feature paintings of wildlife encountered on the walks including a white squirrel and a fox that stopped at my feet, while I was taking a break, and nibbled my boots before continuing on its way.
The picture is framed behind non-reflective glass. Uckfield Framers plan to use the artwork in their publicity.