Keeping busy during lock-down

Painting at Busses Farm - Photo by Saskia Schuit
No exhibitions, but still painting.
I have taken advantage of the enforced locked-down to complete a number of paintings that have been around for some time.

As the lock-down eased I held an open garden for Ashdown Art members. The session was spent doing shadow paintings, we were fortunate that the sun shone early on. These paintings involve drawing around shadows created by plants and objects (and the artist) and then working them into a painting. There were some interesting results. My painting, self-portrait with garden shadows, will be completed shortly and uploaded.

With other Ashdown Art members, I visited Busses Farm, near East Grinstead, for a Plein Air painting session. My artwork from there is almost complete and will be uploaded shortly.

I had hoped to take part in a digital exhibition with Ashdown Arts or / and Bridge Arts but neither web-site could cope with the requirements. As part of the preparation for these events I completed a number of abstract works. Throughout December some of the new in 2020 paintings are on show at the Mug Tree Cafe, Ship Street, East Grinstead.

Two paintings completed at the Ashdown Arts Drop In event have been framed and Tools is now shown in among the abstract paintings. I am working on a number of paintings. Lock down will trace the walks I have completed since March 2020 and include mixed media items that I have found en-route as images or actual items..

I have managed a visit to the RA and the Mall, along with a visit to the Watts museum at Guildford, these are the first exhibitions I have viewed since March.