A busy start to 2020

Hearts are Trumps
A number of new works completed and more in the pipeline as health restrictions on travel kick-in.
I was particularly busy in the early part of 2020. With a number of Vitrail works completed. I completed Hearts are Trumps which reflects on a number of news stories. At 100cm x 70cm it is quite large. Included in the mixed media work are an American $5 note, various playing cards and other printed material. I also completed a less political Hidden Paris and a replacement for The Sun Never Sets. My working methods with the Vitrail paint involve the creation of a number of mono-prints and I have framed some of these. I was building up my stock of frames and stencils.

I used the Covid health restrictions to finish a number of artworks that had been on hold for some time and to refresh others..

With the Covid-19 restrictions on social activities and non-essential shops the booked exhibition at Tonbridge riverside on June 2020, did not go ahead.